Assignments & Labs

Lab 1 & 2 combined : These labs were about taking a dream class (BIO 20 for me), finding a resources to integrate and then evaluating the resource on a couple levels. Check out how I rated a ‘build a digestive system’ online activity!

Lab 3:  A low level tool and high level tool to teach grade 4 geography!
Class presentation – with all the info
Example of low (video)
Example of high (Explee)  
Example of high (moovly)  

Assignment 1: Lesson on the digestive system that integrates technology to enhance the lesson.
Lesson plan
Powerpoint/Google slides
Worksheet (done on word, so formatting is messed up through google docs)

Assignment 2: A summative project that involves both an individual piece (to make sure all students get the content) and a group project (for them to bring together big ideas and work together)

Project outline – instructions
Example of Individual Research 
Example of Group Project 
Education class presentation – has info about what we decide to do