General information on technology in education – how to use it, tips, helpful articles and more

What does Tech really do to enhance your lesson? Think about it by using this model:

SAMR model video – SAMR is a model of thinking/engaging students that has 4 levels that technology acts on as Substitution -> Augmentation -> Modification -> Redefinition. It proposes that technology can just substitute pen and paper but also it can redefine knowledge and really get students critically engaged. Check out this video for more explanation.

SAMR blog post & examples – to go with the video you just watched

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Emerging Ed Tech – an article that explains 27 meaningful (and fun) ways to use technology for teaching and learning


Social Media in the classroom: good or bad?

Is social media killing or reviving our classrooms? Some really valid points on how it hurts the classroom and children self-esteem, very current blog post.

7 ways teachers use social media in the classroom – a blog post about ways it can be good and what skills it encourages.

For more information about social media, check out my learning blog post from week 10.



Cyberbullying is an issue in today’s schools and it’s becoming more and more apparent that teachers need to deal with it.

A real and growing threat (ATA) – Here are some articles and really good research regarding all the issues around cyberbulling.
– includes tips for teachers, students, parents and more

Special needs

Tech is amazing for helping those with special needs – mind you it may not work for all students.

Bridges Canada – Here is a website that sells technology to aid different special needs. They offer tech that can help those with language delays, cognitive delays or physical delays among many other things. Lots of the tech they offer can benefit all your students.
Their slogan is “accessing learning & communication, together”

Quick article about special needs students and technology – breaking the stereotypes and explaining practical tech that can help